The H3 is a stable to slightly over stable hybrid disc with a little less stability and more glide than the H2. The H3 features a small micro bead that enables a pure flight line eliminating pitching from left to right. The flight characteristics of the H3 are extremely predictable. Like the H1 and H2, the H3 will not be for the faint-at-heart. Soon to be favored by advanced and pro players.

The 400G series is the regular 400 plastic with a shot of adrenaline. It is the base 400 plastic mixed with another resin that give the plastic a slightly different feel than the base 400 series. The additive also makes the disc more durable and requires more time to break it in.

The 750 Series plastic is similar in grip and texture to our 400 series but with a firmer feel to it. This high-tech blend of premium resins will provide outstanding performance and predictability. This plastic is extremely durable.

The new 400G Light-series plastic is very similarto the 400G-series plastic but it’s lighter. Discs made out of 400G Light-plastic are extremely durable and they range in weights between 150g and 159g making them more suitable for the players with slower arm speed.

Max weight: 176,8 g
Diameter: 21,0 cm
Rim depth: 1,2 cm
dim width: 2,0 cm
Stability: Overstable

PDGA approved: 25.2.2015

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