Platinum Team


This new team level will support the players in their daily life, practice and touring. To help the players become more professional, Prodigy Disc Europe has built a team together with Kansallis- Group and we call it the Prodigy Disc Platinum Team. The team consists of European Top players that have shown great professional example not only on the disc golf course, but also outside the course. The first players in the Team were chosen to be Seppo Paju and Väinö Mäkelä. Seppo Paju with rating of 1033 and European Ranking nr. 1. Seppo has won two Finnish Championships, 2014 European Championships, several top-10 Major finishes and was chosen as the European Player Of The Year for 2018. Väinö Mäkelä is your 2016 European Champion and currently ranked 4th in Europe.

Prodigy Disc Europe partner, Lasse Paju


’’The goal for platinum team is to help out the professionals to focus on playing professionally. To help out the Team Players, we have nominated Aino Paju to handle players routines for example their registrations, travels and accommodation. Also depending on the player and their need, we are also offering other services such as laundry, causing and car benefits, gym memberships etc. With this kind of things, we help out the players to focus on their practice and competitions. We hope that the Platinum- Team becomes a desired and competed spot to make people work even harder on their game. This would also grow the sport we love’’

Prodigy Platinum -team member Seppo Paju


”I am excited to be part of this. This was always my dream and this really is the next level in team management. Being on the road and having a new place to stay almost every week during the season is quite stressful environment to live in, so this will be making that just a little bit less stressful.’’

Prodigy Platinum -team member Väinö Mäkelä


”Support from Prodigy has always been really important to me. Now with all the economical and practical help Platinum Team is providing me, I can improve my game better and concentrate only on disc golf. This has been a dream that finally came true.”