Prodigy Discs have been named in a logical way so that a player of any skill level can find a suitable disc. Each disc’s name consists of the type of the plastic (i.e “400G”), the type of the disc (i.e “M” as in Midrange) and a stability-number (i.e “4”) which depicts the flight characteristics of the disc.

Golf discs are manufactured in many different plastics of which the lighter ones are meant for beginners, women and kids. Lighter discs fly farther and straighter with less effort than their heavier counterparts. The weight of the disc is marked on the inside of the rim.

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Prodigy Discs golf discs can be divided into seven categories:Extra Speed Distance Drivers (X), Distance Drivers (D), Hybrid drivers (H), Fairway drivers (F), Midranges (M), Approach (A) and Putters (Pa). For beginners we recommend Pa-, A-, M- ja F-series discs.

The numbers used to class Stability in the naming of Prodigy Discs (1-7) describe how easy and stable a particular disc is to throw. The bigger the number the more under stable and easy to throw.

Extra speed distance drivers

The Prodigy X Series is built for speed. These discs are low profile, high speed distance drivers. With less rim depth than the D Series, X Series discs are faster out of the hand and will offer similar glide to the D Series.

Distance Driver

All the D Series distance drivers are designed so that the flights are extremely consistent with a narrower flight path than conventional long distance disc golf discs, making them more accurate and much more forgiving.

Hybrid Drivers

H-series is our class of Hybrid drivers that fit right in between our Fairway and Distance drivers. The H-series discs are longer and faster than the Fairways, but slower and more accurate than the fast flying Distance drivers.

Fairway Drivers

F-series is our class of Fairway drivers. They are easy to throw, reliable and very accurate. The Fairways are longer than our Midrange discs and are suitable for any skill level.


M-series is our class of Midrange discs. They are slower and easier to control than our drivers which makes them very suitable for any type of shot, from longer drives to close approach shots.


A-series is our class of Approach discs. The flight path of these discs are similar to that of the M-series but with less glide. This trait makes them very predictable and easy to control.


PA-series is our Putt and Approach discs. These discs have a deep rim which makes them slower than any of our other discs. They fly straight with little effort which makes them perfect for putting and shorter shots.