Prodigy’s discs are named in a logical way so that a player of any skill level can find a suitable disc. Each disc’s name consists of the type of the plastic (i.e “400G”), the type of the disc (i.e “M”) and a stability-number (i.e “4”) which depicts the flight characteristics of the disc.

Plastic types

Disc golf discs are manufactured in various types of plastics from which the lighter types are especially suitable for players with slower arm speeds. Beginning disc golfers should almost always choose their discs weighing under 165 grams because the lighter disc are easier to throw. The weight of the disc is marked on the inside of the rim. Learn more about the plastic types.

Disc types

Prodigys discs can be divided in to seven types of discs: extra speed distance drivers (X), distance drivers (D), hybrid drivers (H), fairway drivers (F), midrange discs (M) approach discs (A) and putters (Pa).

Stability numbers

The stability numbers (1-7) in Prodigy’s discs represent the different flight characteristics of a single disc compared to the other discs in the same series. To put it simply: the higher the number, the easier the disc is to throw.

Extra speed distance drivers

The Prodigy X Series is built for speed. These discs are low profile, high speed distance drivers. With less rim depth than the D Series, X Series discs are faster out of the hand and will offer similar glide to the D Series.

Distance drivers

The D-series discs are extremely reliable long distance disc golf discs. All the D series drivers are designed so that the flights are extremely consistent with a narrower flight path than conventional long distance disc golf discs making them more accurate and much more forgiving.

Hybrid drivers

The H-series is a new class of Hybrid Drivers which will eventually be available in a range from H1-H7. The H Series discs are longer and faster than our Fairways but slower and more accurate than our Distance Drivers.

Fairway drivers

The F-series Fairway Drivers are long flying, extremely reliable golf discs. Each fairway driver has been designed with a specific flight path in mind.

Midrange discs

The M-series discs are extremely reliable mid distance disc golf discs. All the M series discs are designed so that the flights are extremely consistent making them the favorite choice of the top rated players in the world.

Approach discs

The A Series Approach discs are extremely reliable short to medium distance discs. All the A series discs are designed so that the flights are extremely consistent in any conditions.

Putt and Approach discs

The PA series Putt and Approach discs are extremely reliable short-range disc golf discs. All the PA-series Putt and Approach discs are designed with a specific function in mind so that whatever angle you need to take to get to the basket one of these discs will get you there.