Beginner-friendly discs

For a novice disc golfer, choosing the right discs to start with is extremely important! Prodigy’s discs are named in a logical way so that a player of any skill level can find a suitable disc. Each disc’s name consists of the type of the plastic (i.e “400G”), the type of the disc (i.e “M”) and a stability-number (i.e “4”) which depicts the flight characteristics of the disc.

Plastic types

Disc golf discs are manufactured in various types of plastics from which the lighter types are especially suitable for players with slower arm speeds. Beginning disc golfers should almost always choose their discs weighing under 165 grams because the lighter disc are easier to throw. The weight of the disc is marked on the inside of the rim.

Disc types

Prodigys discs can be divided in to seven types of discs: extra speed distance drivers (X), distance drivers (D), hybrid drivers (H), fairway drivers (F), midrange discs (M) approach discs (A) and putters (Pa). Beginners should mostly favor discs from the Pa-, A-, M- ja F-series.

Stability numbers

The stability numbers (1-7) in Prodigy’s discs represent the different flight characteristics of a single disc compared to the other discs in the same series. To put it simply: the higher the number, the easier the disc is to throw.

From down below you can find a few examples of beginner-friendly discs and some pointers to consider when buying discs. By clicking the images you’ll get a video of players of all skill levels throwing the disc.


Putters are the best choice for a first disc. They don’t necessarily fly as far as the other types of discs but they offer the easiest way to a straight flight and they are great for learning throwing technique. Choosing i.e 300 Pa4 as your first disc and learning to throw it straight before trying to go for maximum distance will help you tremendously when picking up the further flying discs.

Midrange and Approach discs

Midrange discs and  Approach discs are suitable for beginners especially in the 4-5 stability-range. They offer easier distance compared to putters and require just slightly higher arm speed. For example 400G Light M4 is a fantastic all-around-disc for beginners.

Fairway drivers

Fairway drivers are the most beginner-friendly discs that are considered drivers. From the Prodigy Disc lineup the F5 and the F7 are the most suitable discs for beginners because they don’t need as much arm speed to get a full flight out of the disc. Even though F-series discs are much easier to use compared to the D- and H-series it is recommended for beginners to use lower weights (<169g).

Distance and Hybrid drivers

Distance and Hybrid drivers are not the best choice for beginners because they require fast speed to fly as they are intended to. When choosing your first distance driver you should definitely choose one in 400G Light, Air or 350 Light -plastic! They offer discs in 140-160 g range which will be significantly easier to throw.