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PAR2 events are casual, unsanctioned tournaments with nine to eighteen 50 meter and under holes.

The goal is to run at aces, card 2’s, and have fun. Anyone can organize their own PAR2 event!


Prodigy Weeklies

Prodigy Weeklies is a tour of unsanctioned tournaments which goes around Finland during the summer.

Prodigy Weeklies are hosted by the reigning European Junior Champion Väinö Mäkelä.


Beginner Friendly Sticker Green

For a novice disc golfer, choosing the right discs to start with is extremely important! Prodigy’s discs are named in a logical way so that a player of any skill level can find a suitable disc. To make it even easier for the beginners to find a suitable disc there are “beginner-friendly -stickers glued onto the most suitable discs.